Selling As Part Of A Real Estate Strategy

Let’s talk real estate strategies.

Many of the more sophisticated real estate investors have all of these tricks up their sleeve – they’re engaged in trying to source hard money loans or bridge loans, or they’re trying to flip a property, or build real estate value off of original properties to acquire more.

If you are one of our typical sellers, though, that’s not necessarily what you’re trying to do. Many people just need to get money out of a property right away, and they’re not very well served by the traditional agent market. We’ll explain why that is…

The Waiting Game

Real estate agents work on a very clearly established process that’s been a tradition for a long time. They put your property into the MLS and work very deliberately on a property’s real estate value. 

The idea is that you open the market to all buyers, and you get the best deal from everyone who’s looking to buy.

But that’s not really how it often breaks down in practice. Part of that is due to real estate commissions, which take money out of the deal. But another part of it is that you typically have to wait for buyers to come and make offers, and during that time you’re sitting on a property that doesn’t give you any cash value at all. You’re paying taxes and maintaining the property, and as a seller who needs money, you might be getting nervous. In other words, you’re not benefiting from that waiting period! Also, depending on who the buyers are and what their situations are, they may need to qualify, which can take time, too. 

Quick Sale

When we make a deal with you, we buy your house in just a few days, and you get the money and you can be on your way.

We do that because we actually purchase the property and take the risk involved in reselling. So part of the value to the seller is that they get to sell the property without attending pre-settlement meetings, or waiting weeks to hear about a buyer’s counter offer, or trying to remediate items on a property like environmental hazards or other conditions, before ever getting a sale offer at all. 

We buy houses –  it’s that simple. We help you with the logistics to get a quick, clean sale. Where a traditional buyer is just a passive (and often partisan) party to the deal, we help to make the deal happen. And to sellers who do need to sell, that’s worth a lot of money!

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