How Do I Sell My House In Charleston House Quickly For Cash?

We Will Buy Your House Fast For Cash. Here’s How…

We eliminate all the “middle men” that cost you money. No need for contractors and punch lists to get your house ready for sale. No need for cleaning services to prepare for buyer showings. Save thousands in agent commissions and fees. Don’t even worry about paying for an attorney to close, we cover that for you as well. Selling your home should not be complicated or cost a ton of money out of pocket.

Cash For Your House. Here’s How…


Just tell us a little about your property. We go to work to evaluate the value of your house.


We schedule a time to see the house and go over your cash offer. Remember NO obligation and NO fees.


We close at a local Charleston attorney’s office and you will get paid that day.

Timing Means Everything

Once we get your info you submitted in the form below, we’re able to make you a fair all-cash offer within 24 hours. Since we pay cash we are not reliant on banks, appraiser, inspectors, or lenders to slow us down. We can close in as quickly as 7 days, or if you need more time at your own pace.

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Want to know what YOUR house is worth?

You have nothing to lose by getting an offer from us.

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Our Offers Explained…

So you’re probably thinking How do I sell my house fast in Charleston,” and of course you do your homework and speak to few house buying companies in Charleston SC. There are several aspects that are crucial to understand in ANY real estate sales contract. YOU will ultimately be committing to one buyer at specific terms, so it’s important you know these main points.

  • The Purchase Price (the dollar amount you will receive on closing day)
  • The Closing Date (Date you will sign over the deed and collect payment)
  • Inspection Contingency (Buyer will ask for time to do a home inspection of your house)
  • Appraisal Contingency (A licensed appraiser will determine the value of your property)
  • Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection (A termite inspector will evaluate the structure of your home)
  • Assignment of Contract (Gives the buyer the right to sell your contract before they even close)

When Charleston House Buyers enters into a contract with you at an agreed upon purchase price, you can rest assured that there will be no attempts to reduce that price. We stand by are offer until the day we close and you receive cash in your account.

We are Cash Buyers who can move very fast! As soon as title is cleared we can close on your property. We have closed on homes in as little as 7 days!

WE DO NOT HAVE ANY INSPECTION CONTINGENCIES! Many home buyers will entice you with a higher offer only to waste your time and come back with an inspection report showing all of your homes defects. This is a sleazy strategy used to renegotiate to a lower price and tie you up in a contract. We are experience home buyers and do not waste your time like others! We buy homes in “As-Is” condition and are aware your home isn’t in perfect shape. We promise the offer we give will be the same at the closing table.

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WE DO NOT HAVE ANY APPRAISAL CONTINGENCIES! We are Cash Buyers and don’t rely on banks or real estate appraisals to buy your house. Like the old saying remains true, Cash is King!

WE DO NOT HAVE ANY TERMITE CONTINGENCIES! Also known as a CL-100 when a termite inspector evaluates your homes structure. Due to Charleston’s climate of high humidity, crawl spaces many times will grow different types of fungus that will destroy the wood that holds together your home. Termites also seam to love Charleston for one reason or another. The damage they cause can be significant and costly. Don’t worry, we are professionals that aren’t scared off by structural issues like termite damage. We don’t even have termite inspections on your home, or use it as a contingency to renegotiate with you.

WE DO NOT ASSIGN YOUR CONTRACT! This is a strategy many times used by “real estate wholesalers” who plan on making a quick profit by getting you into contract for one price, and then selling their rights to your contract for a profit. We respect our home sellers and operate with honesty and respect for everyone’s unique situation.

Show Me The Numbers!

Sell your Charleston, South Carolina house fast by working with someone you can trust. We are very transparent on how we come up with our cash offers. This is how we do it...

1) We Start By Determining Your Homes After Repair Value

The After Repair Value or “ARV” is what your home would be worth if it was updated and repaired to excellent shape. Think about all those real estate shows on HGTV. Its really important that we come up with an accurate valuation using comparable home sales in your neighborhood. The properties we compare have to be recently sold and similar to your house.

2) We Calculate The Cost To Make All Repairs

This takes some construction knowledge and experience. We have gotten pretty good at estimating construction costs. Every house is in different condition and has different unique characteristics. Don’t worry, we will handle the hard math and figure out and estimate of how much it will cost us to repair and update your house.

3) We Figure Out Our Potential Sales Price

When the renovation of your house is complete, we list it on the market for sale. Some fees we have to consider when we sell your house after renovations are real estate agent commissions, closing costs, property taxes, transfer taxes, utilities, insurance, HOA fees, and other holding costs. These are ALL the EXPENSES that you do NOT have to pay, when you sell your house directly to Charleston House Buyers. Selling Costs usually total around 10% of the final sales price when totaled up.

4) We Factor In A Minimum Profit

Yes, we do have to make a profit so we can stay in business and feed our two hungry boys. However, we make our very best offer to you so that your ACCEPT it! We are able to pay your market value for your house because we are amazing at renovating on a tight budget. The profit we make during this process is not at a lose to you, but at being extremely efficient and cost effective at rehabbing properties. Think about it, if we made all our sellers low ball offers then no one would ever accept and we wouldn’t be able to do our job!

[Your Offer] = [ARV] – [Cost of Repairs] – [Our Potential Sales Price] – [Our Minimum Profit]

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“I Want A Cash Offer For My House in Charleston But …. What’s The Catch?”

There’s really NO catch here. We really do buy Charleston houses in any condition for cash. We try extremely hard to be as transparent, upfront and honest as possible so that there are no surprises and no let downs. Our #1 goal is to make the process of selling your house SIMPLE and EASY. We are experienced at buying homes so we handle all the work for you. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have along the way.

Am I Getting A Fair Offer For My House?

We will NEVER insult you with a “low-ball” offer. We have a decade of real estate sales experience and have successfully helped many of sellers achieve their goals. We start by getting to know you and your unique situation. Please remember everything you tell us is confidential and we value your privacy. Home sellers tell us what they need to move on and we try everything to make it work. If we cannot match their asking price, we will explain why and give our very best offer. There’s absolutely no pressure to accept our offer.

Why Should I Sell My House to Charleston House Buyers vs. Listing With An Agent?

This really depends on what is most important to you. Everyone has a different situation and different time and financial constraint . If selling your house fast, with no fees or commissions to pay, no repairs to make, no cleaning to get done, and no hassle of any kind is important to you, then GET A CASH OFFER from us! For more information, check out this side by side comparison of Listing With An Agent vs. Selling To Charleston House Buyers.

See what we can offer you for your house…