Don’t Worry About These Five Ridiculous Problems (With Our Easy Cash Deals)

Don't Worry About These Five Ridiculous Problems (With Our Easy Cash Deals)

There’s a lot to worry about when you’re approaching a conventional real estate deal to sell a piece of property like a home.

There are 100 questions or more in play, and the seller is sometimes under a lot of pressure to make everything perfect for these prospective buyers.

Here are five things you may run into that you don’t have to worry about with a quick cash settlement for a home.

The Hose Doesn’t Work!

Maybe you have a $250,000 property with great hardwood floors, nice amenities and a good number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but at the outdoor faucet, there’s dripping water coming out around the spigot, or the water just doesn’t work right.

A buyer sees that, and wants you to remediate it prior to sale. This is the kind of annoying nickel and diming that sellers hate.

The Doors Are Off

This one is a little different in that settling can be (but isn’t always!) evidence of major foundation damage.

Crafty buyers might try to talk your price down using offset doors or other small indicators as potential signals of deeper problems. In fact, that can scuttle a deal altogether!

Not Enough Light

Too many homes just don’t have enough light fixtures put into some of the major living rooms of the house.

That’s partially because as late as the 1950s, there still wasn’t the ability to easily put in recessed light fixtures or run electric in ways that would illuminate your whole house fully.

People tend to use standing lamps and table lamps to augment the light that’s built into their homes. But then maybe a buyer comes along and wants everything to be lit up like a Christmas tree. Whether or not this expectation is realistic, it ends up at the seller’s doorstep.

The Dog Scratched the Floors

Listen, somebody’s been living in the house. So it’s going to have some marks of that life inside.

Beware of buyers who come in expecting things to look like the house was just built. It’s the buyer’s prerogative to change what they don’t like about the building after they buy it.

Trees Are in the Way

Here’s another one that’s simply annoying due to that math around a real estate property deal.

Suppose old-growth trees have gotten big and unruly over time. It may be appropriate for the buyer to get some money in order to remediate tree problems. But again, people can go overboard and request everything but the kitchen sink in order to try to get things perfect at move-in. It’s sometimes realistic to expect the buyer to shoulder some of the responsibility for change. If the tree is not impacting the building or any building systems, there is the tendency to think that a buyer’s request might be excessive.

What do all five of these things have in common? The answer is that you don’t have to worry about any of them when getting a fair market cash price for your house. Contact Charleston Home Buyers and get what’s fair for your home.

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