Charleston Homeowner Options Of Making Repairs When Selling

Charleston Homeowner Options Of Making Repairs When Selling

If you are ready to sell your home, you may wonder if repairs are necessary, and if so, which repairs are essential to selling your home’s value. It is common for repairs to be needed after a home inspection is completed; however, some repairs are necessary to complete while others can be left to your discretion.

Most buyers won’t commit to purchasing a home until a thorough home inspection has been performed and problems with the property have been noted. As a homeowner, you can ensure that professional house inspectors find issues with your home regardless of its age and condition. Expecting a list of problems with your home is an essential part of the selling process, but you should carefully consider your options before mending something that you don’t want to fix.

Types Of Repairs

There is no need for you to fix everything that a home inspector deems a problem on the inspection report. This report is not a to-do list but rather an acknowledgment that issues exist in the first place. Inspection repairs can be categorized as required, not required, and up for debate. Understanding the differences in repairs noted on a home inspection report will help you make wise decisions when selling your home.

Common Required Repairs

Some repairs must be made by lenders before releasing funds to a buyer to purchase a property. These repairs typically involve costly structural defects, safety issues, building code violations, basement issues, and chimney or furnace problems. Septic system repairs may also fall under this category and, of course, any presence of termites.

Electrical system and plumbing line repairs may also fall into the required category; it depends on the extent of damage and any hazards, such as materials or poor design.

Home Repairs Not Required When Selling A Home

Often the normal wear and tear of a property are noted on a home inspection report. Cosmetic issues found by the inspector usually do not have to be fixed to move forward with the sale of your home. Some inspection contracts may state that the buyers cannot request any cosmetic repairs to be made, allowing for only structural defects and other required repairs to be addressed. Make sure you check state laws and local ordinances that may impact your liability as a seller for any issues found cosmetic or otherwise in your home before selling it.

Options For Sellers

You do have options when selling your home. Companies that purchase properties for cash often provide homeowners with a less time-consuming process than traditional real estate means. Typically, these companies can acquire homes as-is, allowing homeowners to have greater control of the selling process without the undue financial stress of making time-consuming repairs.

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