A Stand-Up Guy: Language From Positive Reviews

A Stand-Up Guy: Language From Positive Reviews

Today, let’s take some of the specific language that customers have used to talk about our company in a positive way.

Specifically, we want to show how each of these approaches helps with home buying that is professional, effective and optimized for each of the stakeholders who are involved.

Without further ado, looking at the testimonials, we’ve picked out four words that seem to describe well how you should work in this type of market.


What does it mean to be a professional in this part of the market?

Well, first of all, it means acting in a way that projects confidence and acumen. But it also means knowing the industry well and understanding all of those many parts of a home buying deal.

Just as one example, a good professional understands the massive difference between a regular market sale and a home sale by owner. In the regular market sale, you have all kinds of things, like an outside mortgage lender coming in and doing all of their work in the context of the deed and title research and everything else. A cash purchase by a company like ours is different, and oftentimes a lot simpler.


This is another word customers have used to describe us, and we think it’s not without a big impact on how we work.

You simply have to get things done promptly when you’re working through one of these deals. The clock is always ticking, and time is not on the side of the seller or the buyer.

So timeliness matters as you approach these kinds of professional services.


In real estate, it helps to be a people person. Most seasoned professionals will tell you that. It helps to be able to frame things in a positive way and to be diplomatic about everything from obstacles to the condition of a property. If you can say it in a diplomatic way, it’s usually in your best interest to do so.


This one is a little more fundamental. It involves the professional understanding of what sellers and buyers are up against. It means taking a minute to understand the context of a deal and work from a position of empathy, so that you get more done and everybody walks away with a positive feeling about the deal.

Why is this important? Why can’t you just do a deal and not worry about what anybody thinks?

Well, you could, but the difference is your ongoing reputation and loyalty over time. Read back over the blog and the rest of the site for more about how we can help you sell your property with no muss, no fuss!

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