A Property Checklist

What’s important when you want to sell a property?

Of course, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the location are critical. Buyers want to see what school district the property is in and what it has access to in terms of downtown areas, transportation, restaurants, etc.

But a lot more goes into a successful property valuation for sale. Here are some items you don’t want to ignore when trying to put together a purchase price for a property at any level of the real estate spectrum.

A Property Checklist

Roof and Property Condition

Roofers like to say that property maintenance starts at the top and consider the roof the umbrella for everything underneath it.

With that in mind, you always have to factor in the roofing condition on a property when you go to sell it. But that’s not all. You have to think about the condition of vital appliances and systems like:

  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing

Think about it this way – if anything isn’t up to snuff, a professional will have to come in and work on it, and that will generate its own costs.

Doors, Windows, and Infrastructure

Today energy costs are skyrocketing, and weatherization is also important. You have to have good working doors and windows, but you also have to have modern infrastructure that seals in warmed or cooled air. 

That’s going to make a difference when it comes to energy bills and quality of life in a home. So you also have to factor this into the sale price!

Environmental Hazard Testing

This doesn’t always get valued in a property at the sale, but it should.

Conventional realtor practices have some of this written into the contract. Still, successful buyers will do this as a routine part of the inspection.

The three big ones are lead, radon, and asbestos. You want to ensure there is no active safety threat at a property when you buy it.

If you’re selling, on the other hand, you might not have that much of an incentive to weigh these items except for your liability. Still, they should always be part of an equation when valuing a property.

Appraisal, Etc.

You also have to value that property in terms of what can be appraised for tax purposes.

Third-party lenders do this kind of calculation when they qualify a person to buy a property.

But this can take time and energy and make it all the more difficult to sell a property you need to get out of quickly!

What some of these checklist items have in common is that they can be more easily dealt with when you have a fast house sale than with a conventional realtor process.

You also skip the big 6% commission and other significant unpleasant aspects of a home sale deal!

So work with Charleston House Buyers to do a fast, easy transaction and walk away with the money you need, having divested your property.

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